News and Events

The Golden Comar Prize 2012

Wasini Al-A’raj at “Nas Decameron” Salon

Ines Al Abbasi featured in a bilingual anthology

Salem Labbene at Tahar Haddad Culture Club

Tunisian Writer Rachida Cherni’s Words Bathe in the River Thames

Writing and Creativeness Between Prohibition and Surveillance

Hassouna Mosbahi Guested at Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

Two Tunisian Novels Are Nominated for ‘the Arabic Booker.’

Ali Znaidi Featured in an Online Anthology

Three Tunisian Poets Featured in an Anthology

“The Boxing Ring” or the New Initiative of “Nas Decameron”

Ali Znaidi’s Debut Poetry Chapbook

Ali Znaidi’s Second Poetry Chapbook

Only One Tunisian Novel to Compete for the 2012 Arabic Booker

Amel Moussa’s Poetry into Turkish

Ali Znaidi Featured in Poised in Flight Anthology

Words of Kamel Riahi, Radhia Chehaibi, Saghir Oulad Ahmed, and the Revolution Travel to Mexico

The Golden Comar Prize 2013

The First Tunisian English Language Haiku Collection

The Association of Tunisian Pen Opens its Activity

The Golden Comar Prize 2014

The Golden Comar Prize 2015

The Golden Comar Prize 2016

The Golden Comar Prize 2017

The Golden Comar Prize 2018

The Golden Comar Prize 2019

The Golden Comar Prize 2020

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