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“Redeyef: The Mother of Rebels” A Poem by Jamel Slii (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

[Video of Jamel Slii Reading his Poem in Redeyef.] This is the original poem in Arabic: قصيدة: “الرديف أم الثائرين” ~ للشاعر جمال الصليعي الرديف .. هذه الرديف أرض أقفرت عشبا لكنها أخصبت بالعز منتصبا هذه الرديف أم الثائرين أتت … Continue reading

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Interview with Tunisian Poet Mohamed Ammar Chaabnia

Interview with Tunisian Poet Mohamed Ammar Chaabnia Poet Mohamed Ammar Chaabnia Speaking to Assabah: Where does creation come from, and its animators are hungry and their souls are suffering from pains? Oh, Right Honorable government! If it was true that … Continue reading

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Interview with Tunisian Writer Jalloul Azzouna

Jalloul Azzouna Speaking to Essahafa: The Indispensability to adopt the cultural dimension as a strategic guarantee for the success of any democratic transition The writer Jalloul Azzouna bears a history of militancy that combines the dichotomy of the intellectual and … Continue reading

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An Interview with American Scholar and Translator Dr. Jane Kuntz, conducted by Ali Znaidi

Dr. Jane Kuntz (M.A., 1996; Ph.D., 2002) [pictured right] is an American scholar who is famous for her openness to other cultures, especially French culture, and the culture of the MENA region. She lived in Tunisia where she deepened her … Continue reading

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Fugitive Ideas “Anthology of the Revolution”

“…The new Tunisia with its new freedoms is facing today new dangers to freedom, and especially to freedom of expression. So will the ideas of its creators succeed to overcome the bars once and for all, or is it a … Continue reading

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