Book Reviews

The World through the eye of the Needle

Fugitive Ideas “Anthology of the Revolution.”

The Political Novel in Tunisia

Adam’s Mistress by Moncef Louhaibi

Dreams Extending their Fingers by Fatma Ben Mahmoud and Abdallah Al Mouttaqi

The Scene and the Shadow by Houyem Ferchichi

Studies in Tunisian Popular Literature by Jalloul Azzouna

The Rose Which I Don’t Name by Fatma Ben Mahmoud

Zitoyen! by Mohamed Ridha Ben Hamouda

Tunisian Shadows: An Anthology by Abderrahman Majid Rabii

Hymns to her Pains by Rachida Cherni

The Orphan of Time by Hassouna Mosbahi

The Digital Path of the Soul by Radhia Chehaibi

Pens from My Country by Saloua Rachdi

The Rape by Hedi Thabet

The Five Minutes’ Wings by Ibtissem Khalil

His Excellency Mr. the Minister by Houcine El Wad

100 Very Short Stories by Mohamed Bouhouch

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