“Redeyef: The Mother of Rebels” A Poem by Jamel Slii (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

“This is Me..” A Poem by Saghir Oulad Ahmed (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

“The Poem of Christ” A Poem by Hafedh Mahfoudh (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

A Batch of Poems by Fatma Ben Mahmoud (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

Two Poems by Ines Al Abbasi (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

“Urgent Telegrams to an Emergent Love”: A Sequence of Short Poems by Radhia Chehaibi (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

“The Key,” and “Tattoo:” Two Poems by Ines Abassi (Translated by Ali Znaidi)

1 Response to Texts

  1. Gina Cain says:

    I have come across your website in search for a Tunisian author of a children’s book.

    Can you help me or know of anyone who can?

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