The Golden Comar Prize 2012

Golden Comar Literary Prizes Logo

The Golden Comar Prize was created in 1997 by the insurance company Assurances Comar (Tunisie) to support literary creation, and encourage Tunisian writers, especially novelists.

The 16th edition of the Golden Comar Prize was held on Saturday 21 April 2012 at the Municipal Theatre of Tunis in the presence of the Minister of Culture Mr. Mehdi Mabrouk.

The Arabic version of the prize was awarded to Moncef Louhaibi, a university teacher, poet, and literary critic for his novel (Achiket Adam) Adam’s Mistress.

The French version of the prize was awared jointly to Emna Belhaj Yahia for her novel (Jeux de rubans) Games of the Ribbons, and Azza Filali for her novel Ouatann.


The other prizes went as follows:

*Arabic language prizes:

-The Jury Special Prize was awarded to Nasr Belhaj Bettaieb for his novel (Inkissar Adhil) The Reflexion of the Shadow.

-Discovery Prize was awarded to Mehadheb Sboui for his novel (Al-Maristan) The Madhouse.

-First Novel Prize was awarded to Salem Labbene for his novel (Baousalatou Sidi Enna…) The Compass of Sidi Enna….

*French language prizes:

-The Jury Special Prize was awarded to Rafik Ben Salah for his novel (Les caves du ministère) The Cellars of the Ministry.

-Discovery Prize was awarded to Mohamed Dallagi for his novel (La prostituée de Babylone) The Prostitute of Babylon.

-First Novel Prize was awarded to Mohamed Ridha Ben Hamouda for his novel Zitoyen.

30 novels in Arabic and 15 novels in French were shortlisted to compete for the afore-mentioned prizes.

This edition’s motto was “the novel and the revolution.”

The judges for this 16th edition are Masouda Abou Bakr, Olfa Youssef, Jalila Tritar, Faouzi Zmerli, Mohamed Ben Rejab, Hela Beji, Hela Wardi, Anouar Attia, Samir Marzouki, and Bechir Garbouj.

Golden Comar Ceremony 2012 Image from Agence Tunis Afrique Presse.

§ Congratulations to all the winners! §

About aliznaidi

Ali Znaidi (b.1977) is a Tunisian poet, writer, and translator living in Redeyef, a mining town in southwest Tunisia.
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